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Tarmac was once a very popular choice for driveways, as it looked clean, worked well on slopes, and was relatively cost effective.

However, over time tarmac is prone to break down, leaving customers with a deteriorating surface in need of repair.

When one of our Garden Builders visited the McDonnell's, they discussed the options and measured up.

The best option was CORE Drive - which allowed our customer to have a traditional gravel driveway even on a steep slope. The grids retain the gravel, prevent weed growth, and stop any build up of moss.

The grids were installed over the existing tarmac driveway which kept costs low.

The project was completed in 2 days start to finish - and the outcome was fantastic! Check out the project photos below.


"We had been looking for a solution to replace our sloped tarmac driveway and really wanted gravel, but the slope made this impractical due to the likely movement of stones. The CORE Drive 60-40 solution provided by AKC has delivered a great result as it provides a firm and stable base and prevents stone movement down the slope. We were also very pleased that this solution would not require the existing tarmac to be removed, meaning less time and expense and hassle for the overall job. AKC were professional,  friendly, polite and very tidy on site, and they completed the job in under 3 days. We are really pleased with the final result and would not hesitate to use them again."

Raf McDonnell - Homeowner


tarmac drive slope
sloped tarmac drive
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